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Braunton Engineering are one of a handful of UK Porsche 928 Specialists with the experience to tackle the unique challenges that this rare transaxle, V8 engine model presents.

They offer many years of experience from repairing and rebuilding and driving the cars, including many miles on race tracks. With the familiarity that the Braunton team have, regular maintenance can prove no more costly than any other model.

Common faults include; intake air leaks, erratic idle, vacuum faults, heater valve/heater dash temp sensor failure, power steering pipe leak, inner sill corrosion, fuel and brake pipe corrosion. 

Essential maintenance should include an annual oil and oil filter change, major service every 12,000 miles including spark plugs, cambelt change every four years (5 years at the very most regardless of mileage!). Regular running and driving of this model has proven key to defending against niggling faults.

Braunton Engineering have two technicians who are intimate with the twenty-eight, having owned and rebuilt the cars over the last eighteen years, they offer a swift diagnosis to familiar faults, with cost-effective solutions. 

Porsche 928 cambelt changed by Dave
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Matt looks for a 928 hose or vacuum leak for an idle fault
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Chris refits the 928 inlet manifold and plenum chamber
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Two Porsche 928's in the Devon workshop for service and repair
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Cambelt change on a S4 - Braunton Engineering spend time to make a good job of the cambelt & water pump change. This work includes the tensioner strip down and rebuild (including cleaning the bi-metal washers individually and replacing them in the correct order, with new tensioner seals, clamps, gasket, oil etc). The tensioner arm receives new nylon bushes, new tensioner bearing and crucially a new bolt on which the tensioner bearing sits, circlip, a new idler bearing, new electrical wire on tensioner arm and cambelt cover electrical connector, plus a 'Gates' brand Cambelt - the OE belt. Water pump and gasket if required. The two lower bearing guides on a S4 are inspected for wear and replaced as required.

The 928 Cambelt warning light: Reports of the warning light coming on between gear changes at high revs - an early indication of slack cambelt tension and a belt that ultimately requires re-tensioning or replacement.

It is common to find rusty / corroded fuel lines (pipes) under a '28. If the corrosion has badly pitted the pipes, replacement with original pipes or replacement with braided fuel hose or nylon pipes is the solution (budget £650+vat for nylon replacements)...

Does your 928 suffer from vague steering, tram lining and wears the inside edge of the front tyres? ...This could be a sign of worn front ball joints. Each front lower wishbone contains a ball joint articulated carrier on the outer edge. This ball joint fits into the front hub and controls location, allowing the crucial steering movement.

Replacing the front ball joints is key to ensuring the 928 has precise steering input and feedback. Although the original ball joints are a robust item they do suffer from wear (most of them have been in place for over 20 years). This wear is not easy to detect when the car is jacked up for inspection as the load and angle on the joint is then different. Braunton recommend fitting OE high quality ball joints which are importantly hardened. Wheel alignment is essential after fitting, as the ball joint carrier controls both camber, castor & affects tracking adjustment.

Porsche 928 rusty fuel line replacement
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Refitting nylon fuel lines to the Porsche 928 in the Devon Workshop
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Drilling out a broken stud from the Porsche 928 water pump
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Ashley changes the spark plugs in a Porsche 928 S2
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The nine twenty eight was the first clean sheet design for Porsche, and in 1978 it was way ahead of its time. With the S4 it had a 5.0 litre quad cam 32 valve V8 with an output of between 320-330bhp with the transaxle making for an almost equal weight distribution. In the GTS version engine displacement was increased to 5.4 litres & 350bhp. The 928 is a well designed GT offering reliable pan continental travel at high speed. The basic architecture of this model can be seen in more recent gt's from Aston Martin, albeit with engines mounted slightly further back, but proof enough that the '28 design principles were outstanding for their era.

The best car Porsche ever built? The limited production SE / club sport, and following model, the 928GT (a 330bhp quad cam, 32 valve alloy 90 degree V8 with dog-leg manual five speed transaxle) are manual versions of the beast which are rarely seen on the road these days - one of the super rare cars that have now significantly climbed in value, with examples advertised for sale from £40k-£60k. Values of modern classic cars, produced in limited numbers, are continuing to rise in value, and represent a sound future investment, especially with the move to hybrid and all electric sports cars which lack the character of these muscle cars.


Ashley and Dave listen for an erratic noise from the Porsche 928 V8 engine
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Ashley prepares a 928 inlet manifold for refit
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Matt inspects for leaking hoses on the Porsche 928
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Image of the 928 automatic flex plate inspection
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Racing The Nurburgring: What are the chances of meeting of another 928 at the Nurburgring entrance barrier? So rarely do these cars go on race tracks - a lucky chance resulted in the two cars trading places on the fabled Nordschleife track with the video as a bonus.

Chris comments: "This is one of the most enjoyable laps I have driven at this circuit, not the fastest or the best lines (cold tyres and understeer), but memorable, as I have only seen a handful of 928's at the Nurburgring in the last 11 trips."

The 928S in the video comes from Norway, expertly driven by Lars-Erik - a true 928 enthusiast. It's a well prepared track car, roll cage with race GAZ suspension, plus other upgrades from 928 Motorsports - the car went very well, especially in the tighter corners compared to a car set up for road. Proof that not all 928's are for crossing Countries like a continental missile...