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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning recharge and service for £85+vat. The technician will firstly check the air conditioning is effective in the cabin by running the system. The compressor will be checked to see if the compressor is clutching in when switched on and the compressor’s pulley is scrutinized for any abnormal movement when rotating or for any noise from the compressors bearings. 

The vehicle's service ports are plumbed into the AC machine and the machine runs through a designated service cycle to recover, measure the current gas and re-gas the system. The AC system is then run and checked in the cabin for correct operation.

This image shows a condenser from a BoxsterThe Porsche 996 and 997 and Boxster and Cayman suffer dirt & salt deposit /ingress from the road - this collects on and in-between the condensers and radiators, these deposits promote corrosion and failure from perforation.

AC systems that don’t function/ blow warm air… usually this is due to a compressor fault or to the leakage of refrigerant gas. Leak of refrigerant can depend on minor leak from a seal(s) or to a major leak from a perforated pipe in the system or from a perforated condenser(s). Investigation of failed AC system is chargeable at £55/hour+vat.

AC that has not been used for some time and/or has not been serviced including a new cabin/pollen filter – use of the system should be avoided as the air blown into the cabin can contain germs - AC servicing is recommended before re-use. An AC cleaner can be used inside the cabin which is a chemical freshener and disinfectant to clean the internals of the air system. These cleaners can be purchased from Motor Factors and can be added to the AC service/re-gas at time of service at Braunton Engineering .