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Engine Rebuild

The Porsche engine rebuild, gearbox and differential rebuild service is a speciality of Braunton Engineering… This puts the engineering in the name of the business.

Braunton Engineering has the ability to strip and rebuild an engine for reconditioning, for fault finding and rectification, or for a performance upgrade. The team tackle this discipline in-house led by Ashley (Chief Mechanic) who has over 25 years of engine building experience.

Engines and gearboxes wear with age and specific usage, subject to correct and frequent maintenance. Some engines are 'lifed' beyond 200,000 miles (928) others suffer from premature failure due to manufacturing/design flaws, but Braunton Engineering generally see rebuilds due to wear to  engines such as valve guides, seats, head gasket failure, piston ring wear, leakage of oil or coolant etc. Usually gearbox rebuilds are due to the synchromesh showing wear and/or noise from worn bearings.

Engine rebuilds and gearbox rebuilds are specific to each model and engine – call for an estimate.