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Suspension Geometry

Precise suspension geometry & chassis balancing - ride height set-up... Braunton Engineering use the renowned dealer tool Beissbarth Microline 4 wheel alignment computer.

Q. How much does Porsche four wheel alignment, suspension geometry setting cost in Devon? A.They charge £165+vat (3 hours labour) to conduct the procedure.

The procedure starts with a thorough inspection of the suspension components, the wishbones, the bushes, the springs, shocks, the wheels and tyres. The suspension adjusting nuts and bolts are freed off and lubricated to allow movement to adjust. The machine has a camera head fitted to each wheel and the machine is primed with the correct model and specification. Run-off compensation is conducted to establish how much tolerance of lateral movement each hub/wheel has. The four camera heads then fire a precise signal to the Beissbarth computer and the monitor registers the location of each wheel in relation to the steering angle. The operator adjusts the suspension (camber, toe, castor) to match the factory settings indicated on the screen, and the before and after measurements are recorded with a printed sheet. The suspension adjusters are double checked for tightness and the car is road tested.

Q. Has your car ever been corner weighted? A. Braunton Engineering use corner scales to correctly set up the suspension to carry the vehicles weight evenly. The suspension geometry is then measured and adjusted to the factory settings or to a customer's bespoke settings for the models: Porsche 991, 911, 996, 997, 991, 928, 944, 968 Boxster & Cayman.

Q. Have you had your car's suspension geometry checked in the last two years?

A. The Beissbarth is a infrared sensor technology machine using ccd cameras attached sympathetically to each alloy wheel. These simultaneously fire an accurate measurement of the wheel's hub location to the computer for analysis to the particular models factory geometry settings. Infra red wheel alignment is the most sensitive method of checking a vehicle's alignment, on a higher level than laser alignment technology.

High performance sports cars require accurate geometry set-up to yield the best from the chassis and suspension & tyres for consistent handling performance. Porsche recommend a geometry check every two years pending mileage/usage.

When to seek four wheel alignment.

  • Are the tyres wearing evenly across the tread, inner to outer?
  • Do you have any handling issues?
  • Does the vehicle pull strongly to one side?
  • Does your vehicle brake in a straight line?
  • Has the vehicle been four wheel aligned in the last 20,000 miles?
  • Has the vehicle been corner weighed?
  • Is your Porsche's ride height standard - has it been changed - has it changed with time?
  • At major service interval


Geometry checking is crucial if you have uneven tyre wear or if the suspension has had any changes made to its components or if an accident or kerb has been clipped. Ideally the car should have four wheel alignment when four new tyres are fitted and as the suspension parts wear with age and use. The Beissbarth machine is incredibly accurate and will show a difference in reading of the geometry between part worn tyres and the with new tyres fitted.

This is to check and adjust the four wheel alignment to the factory settings, (the factory settings are recorded within the Beissbarth machine's program). The charge for wheel alignment can increase if the nuts and bolts are seized and require additional time and effort to release (bolts tend to suffer from corrosion and ‘weld’ themselves to the suspension), or cut off and replace the offending bolt/nut.

If anything has been changed with the suspension and steering, the alignment should be checked. If you are experiencing uneven tyre wear, pulling to the left or right, a steering wheel off centre, or poor handling, you should have this checked as soon as possible. If you have your suspension uprated with springs, shocks, or coilovers, you should have an alignment done at the same time, or shortly afterwards.