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Cayenne Servicing includes Original Equipment parts & Mobil oil. The Cayenne service at Braunton follows the Porsche factory schedule. Call or drop in for a chat, or email for the menu prices for your exact model.

As Cayenne's accumulate higher mileage and age, new faults are starting to appear. Braunton Engineering welcome cars with simple or complex faults. The resale values have slipped in the last few years, leaving the Cayenne as a great second hand option.  It pays to invest in a pre-purchase inspection to ensure you are not buying a vehicle with a fault that will require expensive repair in the near future.

Early V8 model's were built with rubber coolant pipes in the centre of the V (beneath the inlet manifold), these pipes are known to fail due to heat - soak and hardening leading to splits and leaks causing overheating issues - the factory subsequently uprated the pipes in this area with alloy items.

Common repairs; air suspension – air suspension failure, suspension pump failure. Inlet manifold fault. Transmission faults. Fuel line recall/fault. Electrical system failures.