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Porsche Inspection

Braunton Engineering offer a basic inspection or a major inspection, both conducted on site. 

The basic inspection is a one to two hour inspection conducted with the vehicle raised on a ramp to view the underside - the suspension, engine and exhaust, chassis etc. A familiar eye can often spot any early signs of wear and tear or corrosion to parts, bodywork or chassis. It is easy to see if a vehicle has been well cared for or neglected. @£45 - £90 +vat.

The major inspection is an in-depth look at the vehicle including a check on engine health with cylinder leak-down check and a look at the state of the oil/oil filter to check for foreign particles. The major comes with a detailed report which examines the car for wear and tear, and any immediate and future work which may be required. The combination of model familiarity and the MOT testing discipline provide a comprehensive run down of the vehicle in question. £270+vat

Certain models have their weaknesses and the secret of knowing what exactly to look for during a pre purchase car inspection is key to a Porsche specialist to scrutinise a car prior to committing to buy, or indeed after purchase to discover any issues for the near future/next few years and the likely expense.

The pre-purchase inspections range from visual scrutiny; from one hour,to two hours with a test drive, title documents and service history scrutiny, mechanical and cosmetic scrutiny, through to the major inspection with cylinder leak-down test and cylinder compression testing.

For individual model's weaknesses, expense areas, and what to look out for, please see the sections devoted to each model.

Buying a Porsche:

The first step is to talk to the owner with a list of pertinent questions then if you are happy to proceed further, hpi / data check the vehicle in question.

RAC data or HPI check is available online for about £15.00. Or My Car Check is about £9.99 which is cheaper and offers the same information. All one needs is the registration number initially and the check will inform you of: 

1. Number plate changes.

2. Stolen vehicle.

3. Written off / recorded for damage with DVLA.

4. Outstanding finance.

5. Vehicle identity.

6. V5 document check - document details required.

7. Mileage discrepancy.